About Valor Bare Knuckle


Valor Bare Knuckle is a, TRUE bare knuckle boxing professional sport founded by Ken Shamrock and Valor Sports and Entertainment Inc. — a tech-driven sports media company.

At Valor Sports, we create exciting combat sports entertainment content for both live and online audiences.

We are committed to preserving the purity of bare knuckle boxing while delivering an immersive visual experience to the audience by showcasing the God-given talents of fighters worldwide through, faster and more exhilarating bare knuckle bouts.


Ken Shamrock is one of the most widely recognized combat sports icons in the world. Aside from being a legendary American Mixed Martial Arts fighter and a pro wrestler, he’s responsible for accelerating some of the most groundbreaking companies, brands, and movements in the last two decades of combat sports.

No other fighter possesses the same credentials that have rightfully earned him the title of “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”.

Ken Shamrock is best known for his participation in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, PRIDE Fighting Championships of the World Wrestling Federation, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, PANCRASE, and now Valor Bare Knuckle.

Through the introduction of the Bout Circle, novel rule set, innovative focus, and talent rewarding platform, VBK will capture the energy and loyalty of fight fans worldwide.

– Ken Shamrock

How Are We Different?
  • The Bout Circle is designed to promote engagement while leaving adequate space for good footwork.
  • No clinching, grabbing, or pushing (aka dirty boxing) is allowed.
  • Fighters must stay in bounds at ALL times or will be penalized.
  • Most boxers use gloves to both protect their hands and to assist in blocking punches. VBK allows only closed firsts. Open hand techniques to block or parry are not permitted.
  • Open hand gloves are designed for MMA and regularly result in dangerous eye pokes.
  • MMA gloves are similar to boxing gloves but provide more grip for the hands to clench or assist in takedowns.
  • MMA gloves are smaller than boxing gloves but bigger than the bare fist.



Future Focused
with tech

At VBK, we bring a future oriented approach to the world of bare knuckle boxing. Our Four Pillar model focuses on Innovation for Fans, Athletes and Viewers; which will be essential to delivering highest quality and innovative experiences.

The Valor Production System (VPS) and our streamlined “show run” process offers a 360° entertainment experience. VBK both supports and incentivizes our athletes through talent rewarding systems while providing fans with stunning visual content and experiences.

Our commitment to continuous improvement through technology and innovation is evident in everything we do. And we strive to always provide the best experience for everyone involved.