About Valor Bare Knuckle

About Valor Bare Knuckle

Valor Bare Knuckle (ValorBK) is a well-organized TRUE bare-knuckle professional sport that has been founded by Ken Shamrock, UFC & Wrestling Hall of Famer.

At its core, ValorBK is a media company that creates exciting sports entertainment content by securing and promoting bare-knuckle bouts, but Valor Bare Knuckle (ValorBK) founded upon a “Purpose Over Profit” principle of economic, social, and cultural stewardship. 

ValorBK™ is committed to preserving the purity of bare knuckle boxing and passing that immersive experience to the audience by showcasing the God-given talents of fighters worldwide through safer, but faster and more exhilarating bare knuckle bouts.

"Valor Bare Knuckle will set the industry standard for bare-knuckle boxing by creating and delivering an exciting, new, fast pace, action driven, sport."

- Ken Shamrock

Who Started Valor Bare Knuckle?

Ken Shamrock is one of the most widely recognized combat sports fighters in the world. He is a legendary American Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and A Professional Wrestler and is responsible for accelerating some of the most impactful and important companies, industry groups, brands, and movements in the last two decades of combat sports.

No other fighter possesses the credentials that has rightfully earned him the title of “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”. 

Ken Shamrock is best known for his participation in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, Pride Fighting Championships the World Wrestling Federation, Total Nonstop Wrestling Action and Pancrase and now Valor Bare Knuckle.

What Do We Do?

ValorBK may seem similar to UFC, WWE, or other major boxing promotion that hosts combat sports live events. 

….But ValorBK's fights are much more professional, yet edgier, and packed full of exhilarating bare-knuckle fights in its truest form.

Valor BK hosts live, televised bare-knuckle fights for fight fans worldwide, delivering raw exhilarating entertainment for anyone who likes a good ‘ol fashioned stand-up fist fight.

"We have an opportunity to enhance the great sport of Boxing, and compete with MMA as the fastest growing sport in the world."

- Ken Shamrock

How Are We Different?

  • Traditionally, most boxers use there gloves to assist in blocking punches. In Valor Bare Knuckle, fighters use closed fists.


  • Fighters cannot use any open hand techniques to block or parry. Fighters hands MUST stay closed at all times.


  • Footwork in Valor Bare Knuckle is so much more important in order to not to get hit. The bout circle is designed to promote engagement while leaving adequate space for good footwork.
  • No clenching, grappling, open hand pushing, or hand grabbing allowed (aka “Dirty boxing”). Fighters must stay in bounds and engage at all times.

  • MMA gloves are similar to boxing gloves, but actually provide more grip, and use of hands to clench or take someone to the ground. Open hand glove regularly result in dangerous eye pokes and is geared for mixed martial combat ie striking, grappling etc. MMA are smaller than boxing gloves yet bigger than the bare hand.

"Through the introduction of the Bout Circle, novel rule set, safety focus, and talent rewarding platform, Valor Bare Knuckle will capture the energy and loyalty of fight fans world-wide."

- Ken Shamrock

The Bout Circle™

With the Bout Circle™, the audience gets an unadulterated view of each VBK™ Athlete as they compete to win each round.

  • Wide custom fight surface with no ropes or cages.


  • “Bout Circle” is the center and is marked by the white surface; which is hard surface.


  • “Out of Bounds” is marked by black matted area which is in the shape of an Octagon; which is a softer surface. There is a slant upwards to alert fighter they are out of bounds.


  • “Red Circle” which is the “Out of bounds warning” is marked by the the red matted area.


  • “Outer Ridge” is marked by the black grated outer walking area for media team to capture content.

ValorBK athletes can feel difference between each surface and referee warnings clearly indicate when fighters transition out of the bout circle.