The Fraternal Order of Police stands as an indomitable force, representing the world’s largest congregation of sworn law enforcement officers. With an impressive membership exceeding 356,000 individuals across over 2,100 distinguished lodges, we are resolute in our mission to enhance the working conditions of officers and ensure the safety of those under our unwavering protection. Through commitment to education, legislation, information dissemination, community engagement, and steadfast employee representation, we forge a path towards an unyielding future.

Take a glimpse into the vast array of services and benefits offered exclusively to the esteemed members of the FOP:

While several of these extraordinary benefits are extended to members of the FOP Auxiliary, certain eligibility criteria and limitations may apply. Please reach out to the FOP Auxiliary for further clarification.

Moreover, in tandem with the benefits outlined above, your State Lodge or local lodge may bestow additional privileges upon our distinguished members.

Valor Bare Knuckle

Step into the bout circle with VBK, the fastest-growing and most unique bare-knuckle boxing company in the industry. Here, we live by the code of Excellence, Respect, & Action.

Our mission is simple: to provide a safe and exhilarating platform for fighters and fans alike, while elevating the art and skill of bare-knuckle boxing. We stand apart with our unwavering dedication to the sport and our unrelenting commitment to creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

So whether you’re a warrior eager to showcase your talents or a spectator looking for a night of heart-pounding entertainment, Valor Bare Knuckle has got you covered. Join the ranks of the fearless and immerse yourself in the thrill of bare knuckle boxing like never before.


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