How Can I Watch VBK?

Answer: You can find us and watch VBK 1 just about anywhere. We are broadcasting through iNDEMAND, DirectTV, DISH, VUBIQUITY, Bell TV, Shaw Communications, Rogers and SaskTel in Canada, as well as Combat Press (via

What time does VBK 1 start?

Answer: VBK 1 bare knuckle fights kick off in New Town, North Dakota at 4 bears Casino and Lodge, Saturday, September 21, at 9p ET (6p PT) on Pay-Per-View.

What will it cost me to watch the bare-knuckle fights?

Answer: Only $29.95. Priced so all can watch and experience history in the making — the first ever Valor bare Knuckle event!


Can I watch it on cable?

Answer:  Yes. All cable customers can order the fight directly through their cable provider. Simple navigate to the pay-per-view channels where you will find Valor Bare Knuckle – Welcome to the Pit.

How do I stream the bare-knuckle fights?

Answer:  Cord cutters can easily use the FITE app. You’ll be able to watch the fights on a number of devices, including your phone, computer, Xbox One, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV (or Firestick), Roku, and Android. More info.


Can I watch on DISH or DirectTV?

Answer:  Yes. Order directly from their platforms. Simple navigate to the pay-per-view channels where you will find “Valor Bare Knuckle”.


Why should I watch?

Answer: Ken Shamrock, famed fighter, UFC Hall of Famer, 4x heavyweight world champion, and WWE legend, presents a fully stacked deck. The fights include an ‘ol school heavyweight tournament where fighters will fight more than once this night. 

These big hitters include Rameau Sokoudjou, Mark Godbeer, Jack May, and Mighty Mo. Also, alternates James McSweeney and Brian Heden. One will be crowned champion and he will be the first to become a ValorBK champion. 

It gets even more exciting! Ishe Smith, one-time super welterweight boxing champion is trying his hand(s) in bare-knuckle boxing versus UFC veteran Estevan Payan. Again, MMA vs boxing will be on full display. You also don’t want to miss out on watching Welterweights Mike Richman (marine vet.) and JC Llamas battle it out.