The Bout Circle

Through the introduction of the Bout Circle, novel rule set, safety focus, and talent rewarding platform, Valor Bare Knuckle will capture the energy and loyalty of fight fans worldwide.

Footwork in Valor Bare Knuckle is essential in order to avoid getting hit. The Bout Circle is designed to promote engagement while leaving adequate space for good footwork.

VBK Athletes can even feel differences between each surface and referee warnings clearly indicate when fighters transition out of the bout circle.

Valor is committed to preserving the purity of bare-knuckle boxing and delivering that unique visual experience to a global audience by showcasing the God-given talents of fighters worldwide through faster, action-packed, and more exhilarating bare-knuckle bouts. 

With the Bout Circle, the audience gets an unadulterated view of each VBK Athlete as they compete to win each round!