Valor Bare Knuckle Boxing Videos

Valor Bare Knuckle video vault brings you inside the “Bout Circle” with Ken Shamrock, and the VBK  fighters. These videos recap some of the VBK boxing matches, and even covers some interviews with fighters.

Watch: (VBK1) - Mighty Mo vs Mark "The Hands of" Godbeer HEAVYWEIGHT TOURNAMENT FINAL

Watch: (VBK1) - Sokoudjou vs Mighty Mo

Watch: (VBK1) - James "The Sledgehammer" McSweeney vs Lavar "Big" Johnson

Watch: (VBK1) - Jack "The Outlaw" May vs Mark "The Hands of" Godbeer

Watch: (VBK1) - Mike "The Marine" Richman vs JC "The Leglock Monster" Llamas

Watch: (VBK1) - Ishe Smith vs Estevan Payan

Watch: (VBK1) - Dane Sayers vs Joshua Dyer